The International students are here to improve their English language skills, therefore, English must be the first/primary language spoken in all SDCH host family homes.

Host Family and StudentOur host families are warm, caring people with a genuine interest in learning about other cultures through hosting International students. The host family is visited and carefully screened, and if they are approved, we allow the family to choose their student when possible. Families who host foreign students come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all have certain things in common. They want to get to know someone from another country, whether it be for for personal growth, or to expose their family to a new culture, and give their child the opportunity to travel and stay with friends instead of hotels. Sometimes it may be just to do something different for a few weeks. Their homes are happy homes. Not necessarily wealthy homes, but homes that say “Welcome to Our Family”. SDCH host families enjoy getting to know not only International students but other host families in their community who share a common bond- the sincere belief that young people are the hope of tomorrow.

Families with teenagers provide a wonderful experience for the students. Even if your teen has a job, your family can still host.   Daily activites are scheduled so your student will not be left at home alone during the day.  By inviting a foreign student to become a member of the family for a few weeks, lives are enriched as we make new friends from abroad. Program activities, parties, and excursions all provide a structure for wholesome socialization. Families receive a stipend to help defray expenses of hosting. We don’t feel there should be any out of pocket expenses due to hosting a student. By offering this stipend, we are able to select families that are hosting for the right reason. We aren’t looking for “professional” host families…

Daily transportation is provided, so you won’t feel as though you are running a taxi service.

Families with young children can also host an SDCH student. Young children will benefit from this experience, and the students enjoy the big brother/sister relationship which develops quickly. SDCH activities are family oriented and are often very enjoyable for younger children.

Hosting the group leader…
Most groups arrive with an English speaking adult chaperone, often a teacher. The leader always stays with a host family in the community in which his/her group is placed.   Couples, families, retired and single people, all can enjoy hosting a leader.  The leader often has specific responsibilities to fulfill, so for many, this is a working vacation. For this reason, they prefer independent households.

Our group leaders enjoy meeting adults and being a part of an American household.

As you can imagine, the families who entrust their children to SDCH are concerned about the family who will host their child. To ensure that the host family qualifies, an SDCH representative must personally visit each prospective host family.

Typically, the host family can choose their student directly from our website. Since the students are visiting the United States to learn about everyday American life, SDCH does not want or expect the host family to change their way of life to accommodate the student.

Our host families must be willing to make the student a true part of their family.  Loving families who want to enrich their lives are the key to a great experience for student and family alike. Single parents, traditional families, and blended families are all a part of the American way of life. An unusual family structure is not a reason to pass up this enriching opportunity.

While in your home, an SDCH representative will explain the details of the program and the specific obligations a host family has. They will need to see all rooms that the student will be using in the home. Your family will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the program. The host family is an active participant in selecting a student for their home.

If you are interested in hosting a student now or in the future, please fill out our Online Host Family Application. Someone will contact you as soon as possible.