Being a host family of a Spanish student is an exceptional opportunity for 4 weeks of friendship and fun. In addition to speaking Spanish with a native speaker, learning a foreign language is about the ability to engage with people from another culture. With the Homestay Program your student gets to do just that. With a combination of varied and exciting activities, enthusiastic and engaging Europeans – it’s a truly interactive program that can result in life-long friendships.

Interactive Host Family Teens-

Here is a list of the activities your own teen can take part in:

Planned Full Day Activities:

  • Disneyland
  • Magic Mountain
  • Los Angeles sightseeing
  • San Diego sightseeing

 Planned Local Activities:

  • 8-day surf camp with SURFINFIRE Surf School in Oceanside (2 half days/wk)**

All admissions are paid for one teen of each American host family

Additional host family members can ride our bus free, and purchase tickets discounted rates, provided there is space on the bus.  Friends are also welcome.  As this is a benefit of hosting, friends must pay $25 to ride the beautiful 81 passenger bus, and pay the group rate admission.

Hosting students do not need to participate in surf camp, they may choose simply to hang out with the group at the beach, playing volleyball and other activities.

Interactive host families will receive a grocery stipend, based upon their program participation, plus travel points.

Non-Interactive host families will receive a grocery stipend, plus travel points.

Transportation to all daily activities will be arranged for families within our borders.

Travel points-
This hosting opportunity will open doors for your teen to visit some of their new International friends. After hosting SDCH students for a total of 210 days (30 weeks), you will receive a flight voucher (up to $1000) towards an International flight so you can visit some of your new friends.

*This trip is the goal of many host families. If you plan to take advantage of this opportunity, please keep in contact with your students. Also please be aware of the agreement the students sign in Spain before they join the program.  They agree to not return to the host family in July or August, during a LYCI program which they could join.  If any host family accepts a former student during a program, the family will loose all travel points accumulated.  If you want to invite your student to return, great!   Just not in July or August, during our programs.

All travel points MUST be redeemed within 2 years of reaching your voucher goal.