Host Family Extras
Following are a few of the extra perks our host families receive when they host a student from any SDCH organized programs.

Interactive- Because we like to involve the American hosting teens as much as possible, we have created an interactive program, which invites the American hosting teen on excursions with the Spanish group.  Interactive hosting teens  will be invited to join the group for the amusement parks, as well as one day of sightseeing.   Choose one: San Diego city tour, LA city tour,  the LA beaches tour.  One admission per host family to Magic Mountain and Universal Studios will be included for students in the interactive program.

The excursions include:

  1. Magic Mountain
  2. Universal Studios
  3. Either LA city tour (Hollywood, Farmers Market, Griffith Park Observatory)
    visit Venice Beach & Santa Monica with the surf group, and then say good bye to them at LAX in the evening,
    or San Diego city tour

For groups large enough to require a bus, we will be using air-conditioned coaches for each of these excursions.

Small groups less of than 20 students will be using vans for excursions.

The city tours are on a sign up basis, as the seating is limited to one tour per Interactive student.
For Magic Mountain and Universal Studios, the large group will be using two busses, with a seating capacity of 118.
Friends and additional family members can also join these two excursions.  Friends must pay $25 to ride the bus, plus their park admission at group rate.  Additional family members always ride free, but must be responsible for additional admissions.

Host families will receive a grocery stipend for sharing meals with their student.
Daily transportation to activities will be provided to families within our boundaries.
Adult drivers who are able to commit to transporting a carpool of students to and from their program activities will be compensated on a per student basis.

This hosting opportunity will open doors for your teen to visit some of their new friends in Spain or China.

*After hosting SDCH students for a total of 210 days (30 weeks), you will receive a flight voucher (up to $1000) towards a flight to Spain or China so you can visit some of your new International friends.

*This trip is the goal of many host families. If you plan to take advantage of this opportunity, please keep in contact with your students. Also please be aware of the agreement the students sign in Spain before they join the program.  They agree to not return to the host family in July or August, during a LYCI program which they could join.  If any host family accepts a former student during a program, the family will loose all travel points accumulated.  If you want to invite your student to return, great!   Just not in July or August, during our programs.