All surf days are from 11:45am-4pm, and located at the Oceanside Pier.  Please pack a lunch for your student (or show them how) each day of the program.

Interactive American host students will be enrolled in the surf camp, and included in all program activities.  Daily transportation, fees and admissions will be provided for each day’s activity for this program.

6/29- Mon.  Arrival in evening. Welcome reception upon arrival at the Pavilion @ Lake San Marcos (1105 La Bonita Drive, San Marcos, 92078). Their flight is scheduled to arrive at 4:10pm. By the time they get through Customs (if there is no lost luggage), we are usually on the bus between 5:30-6:00. We should arrive at Lake San Marcos between 7-7:30. Please try to arrive by 7:00 to be sure you are there when the students arrive.  Some students may feel sad if their family is not there when they arrive. There will be a “Welcome” cake, and snacks. Some students are hungry upon arrival, and others are just tired. If you want to have something available for them to eat if they are hungry, that would be great, but many just want to sleep.

6/30- Tues. Visit CA surf museum, afternoon movie at the Regal Movie Theater at 401 Mission Ave. Drop off and pick up in front of the movie theater.  11:45am-4pm.

7/1- Wed. Water safety class / Surf camp #1. Students will need to wear their swim suits beginning today.  11:45am-4pm.

7/2- Thur. Surf camp #2   11:45am-4pm.

July 3,4,5- F/S/S – Free weekend with family.       

7/6- Mon. Surf camp #3   11:45am-4pm.

7/7- Tues. Group rides the Coaster train to San Diego- walk and shop downtown and along the bay, return by Coaster.  Please drop students off at the Oceanside Transit Center, by 9:20am. We will have the Coaster tickets for the entire group, so they do not need to buy tickets. If you are further south and would like to drop the students off and pick them up at the Carlsbad Poinsettia station, please let me know and I will let you know the departure and arrival times.  If you are late for the train, unfortunately, you will need to drive the students to meet us in San Diego, as the train waits for no one, so PLEASE BE ON TIME!  We will return to O’side Transit Center @ 5:55pm. For those at the Poinsettia stop, you MUST be there when we arrive on the way back from SD, waiting at the train, or we won’t let them off the train and you will have to pick them up in O’side. Students should plan to have dinner with their host family.

7/8- Wed. Surf camp #4   11:45am-4pm.

7/9- Thur. Surf camp # 5   11:45am-4pm.

July 10,11,12- F/S/S – Free weekend with family.

7/13- Mon. Surf camp #6   11:45am-4pm.

7/14- Tues. Beach day/tour Oceanside Fire station #1.  Lunch will be provided by SDCH. Drop off/pick up at Oceanside Pier.    11:45am-4pm.

7/15- Wed. Surf camp #7   11:45am-4pm.

7/16- Thur. Surf camp #8   11:45am-4pm.

July 17,18,19- F/S/S – Free weekend with family.

7/18-Sat. 7:00 – 9:30pm. Farewell dance party /pizza potluck at the Pavilion @ Lake San Marcos (same place as arrival night… 1105 La Bonita Drive, San Marcos, 92078).  Drinks will be provided, each family bring their favorite pizza. Host families are welcome to stay (American teens are allowed to stay without their parents, but younger children will not be allowed to stay without their parents), or come back to pick them up.

7/20- Mon. Surf camp #9   11:45am-4pm.

7/21- Tues.  11 am-4pm. Shopping at the Carlsbad outlet mall. Drop off/pick up at south end near Ruby’s Diner. 

7/22- Wed. FINAL Surf camp #10 – competition   11:45am-4pm.

7/23- Thur.  Final day to spend with host family. Students pack & prepare to say good bye in the morning.

7/24- Fri.  Students board bus 9 am- saying good bye to host families. Meeting point is Plaza Camino Real corner parking lot, at the corner of El Camino Real & Marron Road.

7/24- Students spend the day at Universal Studios, overnight @ hostel.

7/25- Sat. Full day LA sightseeing, overnight @ hostel.

7/26- Sun. Full day at Magic Mountain, overnight @ hostel.

7/27- Mon. Spend 5-6 hours in Venice Beach & Santa Monica before LAX departure.