(Apply only to group programs)


Beginning in 2016, for every day you successfully host a SDCH student in a group program, you will earn one point. Once you have accumulated 250 points (250 nights of homestay), your teen will be eligible to receive a free International flight to go visit some of their new friends. American hosting teens wanting to earn their free flight, should stay in contact with their new friends so they have several host families to visit when they travel.  To qualify as a successful host family, you must provide healthy nutritious meals, and a safe, clean home with friendly conversation.
NON-INTERACTIVE PROGRAM- This program is for English speaking host families with younger children, no children living at home or families with teenagers who are not available to participate in the program activities.  If you have young children, once your child becomes a teenager, they can join an Interactive program and participate in the excursions. Families with younger children can begin accumulating travel points immediately while hosting SDCH International students in any group program. You will also receive a generous grocery stipend for each student hosted. Empty nesters are also encouraged to apply. If you have a spare bedroom, this opportunity can be culturally enriching and a lot of fun.

This program is for English speaking host families with a teenager who wishes to join the full 4 week program free of charge. This includes all full day excursions on the itinerary.  The host family will not receive any compensation if their teen is enrolled in the program.

Families participating in a school fundraiser volunteer to host a student.  The school will receive all hosting funds.  Daily host family carpool drivers will be compensated on a per student basis.   The hosting teen will be invited to join the group on the bus to Universal Studios or Magic Mountain, plus two full day bus excursions,   Volunteer families will accumulate hosting points.

Travel restrictions apply. Whether you prefer Spain, China or another destination, you will be given up to $1000 credit towards your flight. Additional fees for peak or shoulder season travel or upgrades will be at your own expense.

Travel points are not transferable or redeemable for cash. All points must be accumulated within one nuclear family.  As each Spanish student signs an agreement in Spain to not return to their host family for a visit during a program, we must enforce this agreement.
If you invite your student or another SDCH student to return independently, outside of a program during July or August, you will loose all accumulated points. 
This promotion is to encourage International friendship & travel. 

It is easy to stay in touch with everyone, so you can easily plan your travels. Once you have reached 250 points you will have earned your travel credit.  If you prefer being an independent traveler, you can explore the beautiful country on your own, or with a friend.  Please be aware- The number of International homestay invitations you receive will most likely be related to the number of friends you have stayed in contact with.